For us the sprint was a huge business success!
The main hypothesis was falsified, and we immediately used the new information to create a new brand prototype that matched the needs of our client segment much better!
— Brand Manager, Michael Bluemel, Gaming Industry
The Strategy Session was extremely helpful to set the main direction and decisions for our business strategy… and it was also a great time. Thank you so much, Simon!
— CEO Karin Schmalriede, Foundation Ludwig-Lawaetz
With both sensitivity and considerate humour, Simon Severino is working efficiently alongside the client towards excellent and satisfying results even under complex and challenging conditions
— CEO Beate Färber-Venz, Venz Logistics

Our values and uniqueness


Outcome-focused communication
Success is measured by the ability of any communication to generate meaningful results for a client. Time is invested up front to understand the problems a client faces, then the necessary communication is carefully designed and facilitated to align executives around impactful, actionable solutions.  Every strategy communication ends with clear next steps and accountabilities.

Client-driven solutions
Unlike traditional “study and recommend” strategy consulting firms that tell clients what they should do, strategy sprints custom tailors the process and communication to help clients develop their own solutions, which the client is confident can be implemented. With this approach, clients’ internal capabilities and subject-matter expertise are complemented, not replaced, ensuring buy-in from all involved to the solutions from the start.

Trust-based relationships
Clients should look to consultants as valued partners and trusted advisors. No matter the extent of the engagement, they must always feel that their best interests are served.

Forward-driven and data-driven decisions
Many conversations lack the right data, while others suffer from data-overload. Productive strategy meetings balance content, process and conversation in a way that enables attendees to use relevant insight to make decisions. This balance can only be achieved if the right people are engaged and the right content is developed before the meeting convenes.



Traditional “Study and Recommend” Strategy Consulting Firms have strong subject-matter expertise and advanced analytical capabilities, and their recommendations often lack client ownership/buy-in or cannot be executed. Strategy sprints drives client ownership of outcomes and buy-in by managing the process, content and conversations needed for effective strategic decision-making. We’re also unbiased – unlike traditional strategy consulting firms we do not deliver recommendations or have a stake in the outcome.

Standalone Facilitators lead executives in insightful conversation using established frameworks and methodologies, and they typically do not have rigorous strategy expertise or a tailored approach that fits the client’s objectives. Additionally, their focus tends to be on the meetings themselves, not on what happens before or after. Strategy Sprints partners with clients to develop all four dimensions of action (content, process, space, time) at once to ensure desired outcomes. Our deep corporate strategy expertise allows us to push executives’ thinking in ways that typical standalone facilitators cannot.

Internal Strategy Teams have strong knowledge of the issues, and often do not have adequate resources or the process/facilitation expertise to manage critical strategy conversations. Also, they are rarely in a position to challenge the senior team’s thinking. Strategy Sprints leverages its knowledge of best practices and its experience working with hundreds of companies across industries to drive toward effective solutions. We nevertheless always partner with internal strategy teams to design and facilitate an approach that works for their organizations.

Simon gave a keynote in our strategy offsite about turning risks into opportunities.
It was inspiring and motivating, and the methods he used were both effective and fun
— Head of Sales Extern Wolfgang Artner, ÖBB TS