Is there anything that connects Alexander McQueen, M.I.A, John Galliano, Riccardo Tisci, Pierce Brosnan and Stella McCartney? They went to Central Saint Martins in London.

A school of heretics, for heretics. 
While the top art schools scan and catalogue the talents of their students as fast as possible, in order to strength their strengths and rapidly become a brand in the universes of fashion, theatre, painting or music — Jeremy Till, director of Saint Martins, does the opposite. The curriculum encourages to try new disciplines, even the most exotic to your current patterns.

The purpose of the system
According to Stafford Beer the purpose of a system is what it does. If we observe this heretic school we could say the purpose of this school is to create failure in students. And that is exactly what happens in the first years.The central philosophy seems to be: failure. And this is how Jeremy is changing the world.

Preparing for the future
What does it mean, to live in 2017? It means transparency, speed, leverage, volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

How do we prepare the next generations for that? We don’t. They have everything they need, and they are perfect, like everybody else.

The only thing — and this makes Saint Central unique — we can create is a space to discover, unearth, test, prototype and unleash what already is there.
So the curriculum was designed to maximize failure, in order to increase the possibility of testing and learning.

Will this approach work? It is easy to hear the critics enlist all sorts of risks and fears.
Let the data speak for themselves: Ranked number one out of 54 institutions in 17 countries from Business of Fashion, Central Saint Martins outranked the Royal Art College. 40 brands of 78 present at the London Fashion Week came from this school of heretics.

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