How can art make a difference in our life? I am asking this question since more than 30 years.

Born in Münster, in the western part of Germany, I attended the art academy in my home town. I studied painting, sculpture and installation and finished with a master degree. I was lucky to be trained by some extraordinaire teachers, especially the master class in art history was a most important part. Learning how to look at artworks helped me to think through, how to connect two worlds. Coming from a family with an entrepreneur background, I understood business and loved the art. My question was and still is: how can we get access to our human creative potential? And further, can we transfer the creative principles to the business world and move things forward?

Since more than 18 years I follow these questions and work for international organisations. Becoming an artist teaching become my passion. Therefore, I am a member of the faculty at the CEIBS Institute Zürich, Switzerland. I am also visiting lecturer at IMD Lausanne, London Business School and Porto Business School.  Recently I had the honour to be listed as one of the world’s “top 25 management thinkers” by the journal Business Strategy Review and was mentioned as "Management Guru" by the FT London.

With my background as artist and business lecturer, I developed the concept of “Creative Leadership”, which introduces the creative principles of fine arts into the corporate field. For example, through my research in art and the corporate world, I developed, together with the executive search firm Egon Zehnder, a tool for evaluating creativity of top-level management in large corporations. The most recent project in the business context, is an exciting format to evaluate potential dimensions along artworks. This happens in the Berlin art gallery “Galeriegesellschaft”.

I have published widely on this approach in magazines such as Journal of Business Strategy, Business Strategy Review, and Harvard Business Manager. The  ideas on “Art and Creative Thinking” are discussed in news journals like The Economist, FT London and FT India and my book “The Fine Art od Success” was published by Wiley, in spring 2011.

The most recent article on Design Thinking needs a Rethinking for the Business will be published by MIT Sloan, in summer 2017

The actual art project “Whispers of Power” deals with questions around power and influence, something we think about since Shakespeare times.

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