Gary Vaynerchuck is changing the world

Gary Vaynerchuk is changing the lives of millions of people every day. He serves his audience by giving advice on social media marketing and entrepreneurship in the digital age. But that’s not the point. The point is that his short videos transform our relation to our personal power.

Personal power is about being comfortable with yourself, being able to be as kind to yourself as you are to others, and speaking your mind rather than stuffing your thoughts or emotions. Personal power feels good, it helps you get projects done with positive energy, it gives you courage, and it makes you strong and leads to leadership and finding your unique purpose.
Daily life is full of signs that show us how we are holding back our personal power.
One sign that you are afraid of your own power is that you hold yourself back when you want to express something. Perhaps you are afraid of being recognized or you sense that it has real substance and it takes courage to put it out there. You really get to know you were blocking yourself when someone else expresses the exact same statement you were going to say and they get all sorts of positive feedback for it. When can we let go of the fear of being powerful, and just start get cranking?

This is the real question, and Gary delivers - every day! - a short answer to it.
But Gary doesn’t market to this audience, and he doesn’t manage them either. He leads a gang instead. It’s an act of generosity and the fuel for a movement, not a marketing stunt. He doesn’t push, he leads. Were people writing about or talking about social media before? Of course. Information has never been difficult to come by. What makes Gary so unique is the way he consistently outworks his competitors in communicating his passion, connecting people and creating change.

Some of the most immediate insights his millions of young youtube followers gain are:

  • start by doing, and do a lot. you will make many mistakes and learn from them, so start early
  • do not think too much. do not try to hard to create something new, instead find the courage to just document - every day - who you are and what you are working on.
  • take the new medias seriously, and do not carry on old behaviors in new medias.
Markus MessnerComment