Is your task list longer than your arm?

Not only do you need to focus on the important things, you also can’t lose track of the little stuff which still needs to get done.

Which of these sounds less frightening?

  • Setting up a system that balances your list of all the open things to do so you can know which ones are most important, which ones are the right ones to do next, and which ones are even worthwhile in the first place.
  • Trying to find your spouse without a phone, in London, while she's strolling from one terrific store to the next, in a really crowded street.

They are both much less scary than you think. 

Crafting a trusted system? Two days of immersion in a Productivity Seminar and you are free again.

Finding your beloved one in crowded London? I tried yodeling, works immediately. 

simon severinoComment