Why do Soccer players do drills?

Passing drills, sprinting drills, dribbling drills, cone drills, shooting drills.

It is because creativity is not possible without automation.

High-Performer drill, because they want to automate as much of their game as possible. 

It's only when the normal, standard parts of the game are automatic, that they can focus on the

creative, spontaneous parts. 

The magic happens in the spontaneous parts. The surprising parts.

The goals that prompt a standing ovation from the whole stadium, like Ronaldo's 1996 goal for

Barcelona against Compostela, are the ones where Kairos replaces Chronos. 

A small, sudden anti-pattern appears, a path breaks for a second.

Ronaldo immediately uses the moment to fire up all the automations he crafted in the weeks before during drills.

He runs faster than everyone else (sprint drill), moves gracefully around players legs (cone drill) and lands a goal that prompts the whole stadium to stand up. To them, it is a super-human act.

To the productivity informed, it is automation the standard parts to focus on the creative parts. 

Because you cannot focus on new solutions and think about the standard parts at once.

simon severinoComment