„Simon IS a great sparring partner in designing and moderating crisp strategy workshops. We could successfully align our global market strategies to deliver a clear and delightful brand experience“ 

                                               Vice President and International Business Leader, Stefan Helm, Roche Diagnostics International.

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CORPORATE GOVERNANCE - The newspaper Kurier interviews our founder Simon Severino on how to craft a helpful corporate rulebook.

 keynote on strategic management

keynote on strategic management

Simon helped us craft strategies to delight our customers with swiss precision and italian creativity.
The structure he gave to our global strategy and branding sessions was both fun and highly impactful!
We took clear decisions on branding and market positioning in a very short time
— International Product Manager Alessandro Palese, Roche Diagnostics International


The Strategy Session was extremely helpful to set the main direction and decisions for our business strategy, and it was also a great time. Thank you so much, Simon!


The successful design and implementation of a governance system for a healthy public financial system was guided by the governance and strategy principles we learned in Simon Severino’s international eMBA class
Our monthly Strategyteam led by Simon is very effective and efficient. It is scheduled twelve months in advance and ensures real-time strategic planning and clear decisions on opportunities and threads as they arise in our volatile and uncertain global markets
— CTO Hannes Falkensteiner, HPT Hubert Palfinger Technologies
With both sensitivity and considerate humour, Simon Severino is working efficiently alongside the client towards excellent and satisfying results even under complex and challenging conditions
— CEO Beate Färber-Venz, Venz Logistics
The Strategy Sessions with Simon helped our successful business stay competitive and understand our customer even better. Simon’s approach is innovative and clear
— CTO Christian Oberwinkler, Komptech
Both effective and efficient, the Manufaktur Mastermind Session by Strategy Sprints was by far the most productive workshop I had in the last 13 years. It was amazing to see the two worlds of managers and consultants bring their complementary skills together to create powerful solutions to corporate problems
— Owner of Cameretti Management Consulting, Dario Cameretti


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