Strategy Deployment and GTD with Sabri Eryigit


Sabri Eryigi is Managing partner at cidpartners and Co-Founder of Next Action Partners. He is convinced that a strong purpose is fundamental for successful strategies. He supports organizations in developing purpose and value driven strategies. In his work Sabri focuses on establishing the strategy on all levels of the organization and ensuring that strategic initiatives are consistently anchored in daily business. Sabri aims to achieve more space for strategic thinking and is continuously in search of ways to increase productivity in operational business.

Resources mentioned by Sabri in this episode:

Fred Kofman: Conscious Business

David Allen: Getting Things Done by David Allen

Arbinger Institute: Leadership & Self Deception, Getting out of the Box

Roy Spence: It’s not what you sell it’s what you stand for

TOOL Weekly Review

TOOL Horizons of Focus for a consistent purpose and vision process

TOOL Natural planning method

TOOL GTD workflow

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