I work with Strategy Sprints in grounding Strategic Changes in every day people’s actions and behaviours, performance and well-being.

20 years international experience as executive coach, consultant and trainer. I have successfully supported transformation in IT, process optimization and service reorganisation. In the last 10 years I supported people in successfully dealing with Transformation & Change.

My professional passion is to find deeper answers to the following questions:

  • How do we human beings ‘tick” ?
  • What’s the impact of our brain, emotions and physiology onto our behaviour?
  • How is that impacting our performance & satisfaction at work?
  • How can we translate latest science and findings into today’s reality and practice in modern organisations?

To follow his passion Erich has founded the Performance-Effect and the Transformation-Agility Networks of Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Senior Professional Experts in Executive and Organisational Development.

Performance-Effect supports small and medium-sized organisations and owner-led organisations with their head quarters in DACH-Region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). People in this network share their expertise around topics that have proven to influence and improve performance of Individuals, teams and whole organisations.

Transformation-Agility supports multinational and owner-led organisations with their head quarters in Central & Eastern Europe. Members of this network share their expertise around agility of leaders, teams and organisations in order to enable successful individual and organisational transformation

Erich is married, is a father of two children and is living in the nice area of Attersee, Salzkammergut in Austria

Jan Fuellemann