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I work with strategy sprints on innovation journeys.

I like new combinations. So I studied a combination of business informatics, sociology, and cognitive psychology. And I enjoy combining research, business, and arts to discover how creativity and innovation can emerge collaboratively. Listen to my interview about it on the strategy show.

Recently, I became Assistant Professor for innovation studies and international business and I work for more than ten years at the Department of Knowledge and Communication Management, Danube University Krems. I focus on innovation research and social network analysis and lecture at several universities. Currently, I am the head of the applied research project "Collective Mind" to analyze and enhance the collective intelligence of groups.

As an entrepreneur and consultant, I co-developed a new method to design innovative events. For this research based methodology we won the innovation award 2017 at the Danube University Krems. I like to give talks and keynotes, and I enjoy workshops in which we challenge our mental comfort zones, for example with Lego Serious Play.

Furthermore, I co-founded the improvisational theater company Quintessenz in Vienna and regularly perform as an improv actor. I give workshops on Applied Improvisation to use the methods and the mindset for an agile businesses management.


Jan Fuellemann