I work with Strategy Sprints in large scale change and development programs.

As organizational consultant and leadership coach my aim is to establish a new way of contact between people. I help people develop an in-depth understanding of each other and enable them to communicate in a constructive way about the issues at hand.

I love to bring energy into large groups, broadening their horizons to help them change themselves and their businesses. In my work, I strive to strengthen the autonomy of my clients and enhance their problem-solving capabilities.

In 2001, I founded the organizational consulting firm Rudl und Schwarm together with my husband Elmar Egger. We work for large corporations as well as small and medium sized companies across a variety of industries. I love hiking, yoga, tango, playing the piano but most of all our family life with our three children, Marie, Florentina and Mattis.

Jan Fuellemann