Executive advisor on Strategy and Productivity.

Founder of Strategy Sprints. Host of the strategy show and curator of the strategy forum.
Read my articles on strategy development, strategy deployment and corporate governance.  

I work with executives and entrepreneurs on delighting customers and improving their surroundings
I design and moderate strategy retreats, change management and leadership development. I use elements of Kanban, Lean Startup, Scrum, Agile, Holacracy, Viable Systems Model (VSM), Design Thinking, Syntegration and Systemic Consulting
to enhance corporate focus, freedom and flow

I teach Strategy execution and Transformation in MBAs and eMBAs since 2012.
Network Partner of Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg.
Former Senior Project Manager of Malik Management Center St Gallen.
Former Principal of Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg. 
Certified Lead Facilitator of the Malik Syntegration Method. 
Certified Psychotherapist. 
Learned and thaught Strategy and General Management at Malik Management Zentrum St Gallen.
I share my  current priorities and their  tangible results in real-time and I dance with the fear of sharing them publicly. 


While Simon's colleagues describe him like this, this is what his clients say:

„The successfull design and implementation of a governance system for a healthy public financial system was guided by the governance and strategy principles we learned in Simon Severino’s international EMBA class”
CFO Gregor Masshardt, Responsible for the City of Bern, Switzerland

„The path to reach our ambitious goal of becoming radically customer-centered and agile was absolutely well designed and supported by Simon and his corporate transformation team.“
CIO & Member of the Management Board Karim Tsouli, Creditplus Bank AG

„The Strategy Sessions with Simon helped our successful business stay competitive and understand our customer even better. Simon’s approach is innovative and clear“
CTO Christian Oberwinkler, Komptech

“The Strategy Session was extremely helpful to set the main direction and decisions for our business strategy, and it was also a great time.
Thank you so much, Simon!”
CEO Karin Schmalriede, Foundation Ludwig-Lawaetz

 Simon Severino CV