the Strategy Award

The Strategy Award recognizes gamechangers who create remarkable things by celebrating them. The winners benchmark in one of the three main categories: focus, freedom or flow. The Strategy Award is hosted by an international jury of executives, strategy advisors and distinguished academics. 




To enter an award candidate, please include a 500-750 word case describing the person you want to nominate and the remarkable things she is creating or has created. If the candidate is rejected there will be no costs on any side. If the jury accepts your candidate, the admission fee is 1.900 Euro per candidate. The three main categories are:

Who are your products or services for?
How do your products or services change user's life?
How will you see if it works?
Your uniqueness?
Which systems enable your people to work from anywhere?
How did you simplify decisions and communication?
Which mechanisms amplify ownership?
How did you stop tracking time and started tracking impact?
How do you encourage an agile and revolving strategy process?
How do you foster an experiment habit and still ensure overview and direction?
How do you encourage creating things that matter and de-prioritizing the rest?

Send your award candidates as a 500-750 word case to