If you ever took part in one of our seminars, you know the participants form a bond that does not stop with the end of the courses. So we have set up a community forum to keep in touch and keep on discussing ideas. We hop in as well and contribute whenever possible.



CORPORATE GOVERNANCE - The newspaper Kurier interviews our founder Simon Severino on how to craft a helpful corporate rulebook.


During the Onboarding week of our Global Leadership Fellow Programme we had the pleasure of working with Jörg Reckhenrich. It was a very powerful experience. Jörg supported the group to achieve the finest results.
— Managing Director and Dean Gilbert Probst, World Economic Forum; Global Leadership Fellows Programme Geneva
The successfull design and implementation of a governance system for a healthy public financial system was guided by the governance and strategy principles we learned in Simon Severino’s international EMBA class (executive master of business administration)
— CFO Bern, Switzerland Gregor Masshardt