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Build your own all-weather system to stay both happy and ultra-productive.

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Content and aims

Can I organize my life and work in a way that helps me stay on top of things?
How do I ensure that at the end of the day I created something, and not just reacted to emails?
Can I combine a highly productive mode with true happiness?
How can I decide in which projects to engage, and which to dismiss?
Can I optimize my time management, especially when travelling frequently?
How can I free up time for my family and hobbies?

Holistic productivity is not only time management. It is mastering how we spend our energy and where we place our focus. It’s about incorporating ancient wisdom with modern technology. We are redefining the role technology plays in our world so that it can be incorporated and harmonized into our daily lives.


  • Productivity overview - macro, meso, micro
  • Inbox zero
  • Project list and areas - the PARA Method
  • Build your own trusted system
  • Feynman Method
  • Improve regeneration over night and weekends

This interactive seminar will increase personal clarity about own standards, goals and values. 
Lay the foundations for your own trusted selfmanagement system. 

  • Help you achieve more outcome with less activities. 
  • Increase trust in yourself from yourself and from colleagues. 
  • Ensure realistic and sound planning of your tasks and projects. 
  • Optimize holistic life planning.

Working methods
Interactive seminar, learning by doing. Inputs, reflection walks, individual work, learning tandems, group work.

Target group
High Performers, Experts, Frequent Travellers

Simon Severino

Even after the workshop you will still be connected to our trainers and the other participants through our strategy forum. There we will follow up on your success, answer your new current questions and keep your strategy process in good shape .

2018 June 14.-15, November 05.-06.
2019 January 14.-15.

Schloss Laudon, Vienna 1140, Mauerbachstraße 43.

German or English depending on final group composition.

Dieses Seminar ist ein Muss für alle, die zielorientierter Arbeiten und sich dabei wohlfühlen wollen, da in diesem ganzheitliche Ansatz die beruflichen und privaten Ziele berücksichtigt werden können.
— Participant 2017
“Das Seminar war großartig! Simon hat die Inhalte wirklich anschaulich vermittelt und war perfekt vorbereitet! Ich konnte von dem Seminar sehr viele Tipps und Ideen mitnehmen und würde es jederzeit weiterempfehlen und wieder machen! Spitze!”
— Participant 2016