Like every business function, innovation needs some direction to make it a success. Good Innovation Strategy thinks carefully about where to play, how to play and why you are playing so you are innovating in the right areas, the right way and for the right reasons with the customer firmly at the centre.

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What our customers say?

„The Strategy Sessions with Simon helped our successful business stay competitive and understand our customer even better. Simon’s approach is innovative and clear
CTO Christian Oberwinkler, Komptech

„Simon helped us craft strategies to delight our customers with swiss precision and italian creativity. The structure he gave to our global strategy and branding sessions was both fun and highly impactful! We took clear decisions on branding and market positioning in a very short time“. 
International Product Manager Alessandro Palese, Roche Diagnostics International

„For us the sprint was a huge business success. The main hypothesis was falsified, and we immediately used the new information to create a new brand prototype that matched the needs of our client segment much better!“Brand Manager, Michael Bluemel, Gaming Industry