Venture Strategy is a structured way to help search for and build new business models. We help you adopt the mindset of an entrepreneur, to bring courage and vision to exploring new growth opportunities and strategically advise you on which ventures to pursue.

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Corporate entrepreneurship needs an awakening. Large organisations are so focused on sustaining their current business models that they have lost the art of seeking transformative opportunities through new business models.

We take a radically different approach to developing new ventures. We help you run them like ‘internal start-ups’ with minimal time, budget and resources so that your staff develop the agility and courage of a start-up founder. As a result, your staff become gamechangers and founders who create ready-to-scale business models that unlock new opportunities for your organisation.

Participants will form SPRINT TEAMS an tackle real current business problems to solve. The prototype will be built and tested during the program, which ends with the results presentations. Action learning at its best.