How can I rapidly improve my services and products? Lean Startup

We live in times where successful companies test 1.000 ideas per year, and then realize 20-30 of them.


Because it is critical to steadily test our assumptions about what the customer REALLY buys, when he buys our products or services. And this is a dynamic process, embedded in his changing context, lifestyle and technical possibilities.

Many talk about the innovation process LEAN STARTUP. But how ist it really applied? Today I learned from my MIT colleague Roberto Touza David how they do it. 


  1. Rough research about market, trends & competitors. That cuts through all noise and brings orientation on what's happening out there.
  2. Deep client´s study. Design a persona, define clients problems (hypothesis) and continue with field investigation (interviews, focus group and so on). Back in office, share learnings with team. Once you have a good picture about your clients and theirs problems, design solutions that could fit their needs (individual work and then discussions in teams).
  3. Back into the field, continue improving knowledge about clients in order to improve possible solution. (interviews, problem-interview, solution interview)
  4. Once you have a clear picture of the client problems and solutions, design a first business model.
  5. Then, with the business model as our goal, we design prototypes with an unique objective: learn! That's a really important point cause a lot of companies fail on develop solutions by prototyping.
  6. Starting with low fidelity prototypes.
  7. After testing continue improving to high fidelity prototypes.

I am curious. How do you improve services and products for your clients? 

Simon Severino