Franziska Severino is changing the world

Franziska Severino is changing the world
First thing this morning, when Franziska came to the beach, she didn’t lay down and enjoy the magnificent early sun over the majestic mediterranen sea. Instead she took a bag and started collecting all the small pieces of waste that were mindlessly thrown in the night hours. And she does it every day of her five week beach vacation, year in and year out, without interruptions. why does she do that? because she cares. this is the difference between owners and vegetables.

owners vs vegetables
she does not own the beach, in fact it is a public beach. but she behaves as if she owned it, and takes responsibility by caring. what happens next? one meter behind her, her son, 20 months old, repeating her gestures and helping her to make the beach safe and enjoyable. of course to him it’s playing, but we know that children take playing very seriously.

when followership starts, this is where leadership works. the „space“ she creates by simply moving with care through her world, invites others to join. this is leadership. much more than fancy words in business schools and shiny papers.

when friends talk about Franziska, you can hear the word „inspiring“ coming up in waves, as they describe her way to relate and create an atmosphere of connection, intimacy, and meaning.

running clinic
when not cleaning beaches, she runs the „running clinic“, where she helps mothers prepare to give birth and get back on track afterwards. you see them running in vienna in the coldest winter days, in the rain, and under the sun’s hottest condition. where do moms find the time, the energy and the discipline to do that? they coach each other in the space Franziska has created and carefully curates for them and with them week in and week out. they run races together and raise money to support children hospitals and combat diseases.

That’s how Franziska is changing the world. Maybe not your world, but the world of the people who care about her, her services and products.

Simon Severino