About this blog

We started this blog on strategy and productivity because it helps us clarify our thinking and learn from experiences.

That’s why we will post regularly about the problems we face in strategy projects, as well as some solutions that emerge on the way. 

We partner with executives to create reliable and inspiring corporations. How do we get there?
Every intervention we craft aims at helping executives maximize their creative output.
On a corporate level we design strategy processes that ensure the best possible market position

Simon Severino is senior management consultant on strategy and productivity. Jörg Reckhenrich is an artist and organizational consultant. 
Both manage large corporate transformation projects and teach strategy in business schools. 

We love problems, especially strategy and productivity problems, and are good at solving them.
Our best days end with tangible results and a feeling of fulfillment.

Our clients say about the impact of our work:

“ It was a very powerful experience. Jörg supported the group to achieve the finest results.”.
— MANAGING DIRECTOR Gilbert Probst, World Economic Forum

The Strategy Sessions with Simon helped our successful business stay competitive and understand our customer even better. Simon’s approach is innovative and clear
— CTO Christian Oberwinkler, Komptech
The Strategy Session was extremely helpful to set the main direction and decisions for our business strategy… and it was also a great time. Thank you so much, Simon!
— CEO Karin Schmalriede, Foundation Ludwig-Lawaetz
Thinking about new strategic directions for the organization, Jörg helped us to speed up the process and to think about new ideas for the organization in a different way”
— MANAGING PARTNER Michael Ensser, Egon Zehnder International
With both sensitivity and considerate humour, Simon Severino is working efficiently alongside the client towards excellent and satisfying results even under complex and challenging conditions
— CEO Beate Färber-Venz, Venz Logistics
Simon Severino